An Alphabetical Writing Exercise

Here’s what you do: Write a story where the first letters of each word are in alphabetical order.

Here’s mine.
All because Christopher didn’t expect five girls here in June Kevin lost. My natural opinion’s pretty quiet really. So the unlikely victor was x-rated yet zesty.

Care to have a go and share yours? Just for a bit of fun?

9 Comments on “An Alphabetical Writing Exercise

  1.  by  Alex

    What a great and challenging way to puf off doing what I should be. Here is mine, it was so hard trying to make sure it made sense.Anyway, Ben Carter didn’t even fight. George had insanely, jokingly, keyed Lucile, my nova. Obviously pretty queer; rightly so that uncle Vern went x-rated, yodelling and zealous. Great idea NikAll the best,Alex

  2.  by  andewallscametumblindown

    I don't think mine makes much sense:A boy came down eagerly following Girl Hiker. In just killing little moments, neither one probably quite remembered speaking to us via wild xanthic young Zoe. ~Miriam

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Alex and Miriam, I am SO impressed. I started this exercise a year ago and have only come up with something half coherent! Excellent work, chaps!

  4.  by  Lost Mermaid

    wrote a poem once of 26 lines .. each line starting with the alphabets in order .. its called an ancderian i guess ! ut a story … cool !! will try 🙂

  5.  by  GraftPoetry

    Like this game! Something Christian Bok would appreciate. Try this:A bad cad, Dave, effortlessly forages gadgets hidden in Jack's king-size lavish mansion, neglecting ought: precious quartz, regal silver tiaras, unusual vases with x-rated yuppy zeppelins.

  6.  by  Selorian

    Harder than I expected, especially toward the end. Here's my try at it.Alex Benton couldn't deny everything Frank Guthrie had insinuated. John’s kid likely mentioned numbers or private quips rashly stated. That undermined various witnesses’ Xanax yanking zealotry.

  7.  by  Vanessa Gebbie

    Arthritic bloody coward, darling – even fairies go horny. I jokingly kiss lions, (mostly normal ordinary practice, quite reasonable, seriously!)- thunderingly understated, very willing, x-rated youthful zoomorphism. Zog? Yes, x-rays were very useful. They showed real, quite precious, orgasm nodules. Millions! Lions know jolly insane humans. Golly, five elephants, darlingest? Can’t be arsed…

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