Almost Meme, again

Yup, another half, ahem, hearted meme by me. Do it if you want, you really don’t have to.

This one only applies to those with stat tracking wossnames for their blogs/websites.

And the meme is: tell us something someone googled that brought them to your blog.

Mine is: “Things I have been doing.”

And another, why not. “Laryngitis canary.”

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  1.  by  Lane

    Funnily enough Nik, someone got to my blog the other week, by googling your name.A ‘laryngytis canary’? Interesting:-)

  2.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Not on my blog but over at Every Day Fiction I was told that an amount of google traffic for my story Lolita’s Lynch Mob came looking for something a little more… lively than my story about a readers group gone wrong. Maybe we should all drop “high hit” words into the titles of our stories… Hmm. Or is that cheating?

  3.  by  Mum'sTheWord

    I recently had “that’s not a pineapple it’s a shoe”. In fact about 50% of them are about pineapple allergies… I feel as though I should write more posts about pineapple as a result, so that visitors are not so disappointed…

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    “that’s not a pineapple it’s a shoe” is just terrific, MW. Don’t feel guilty, as well you know there are plenty of stories without pineapples and they are no worse for it.Sarah, ha ha! Yes, I think you should write a story entitled ‘The American Election 2008’ ;)Lolita traffic? Hmm. But this is the internet.Nik

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