Almost a Perfect Moment

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I was walking past my bedroom on my way to the office earlier when I heard something tapping at the window. I opened the door and almost had a heart attack when I saw what I took to be an enormous (we’re talking bird sized here) wasp. I thought, for a moment, I was in Dr Who; it’s far more scary than you’d think.

It wasn’t a giant wasp. It was a coal tit and it was stuck (coal tits aren’t renowned for their window opening skills).
So, when I’d remembered how to breathe again I opened the window for it. I almost didn’t, I didn’t want to cause it any more panic but then pretty quickly realised that the longer it felt trapped the longer it would be panicking for.
So, I opened the window wide.
And it was strange. Birds always move so quickly, in jutting bursts. This one didn’t. It was fluid and controlled. Strange. It perched on the sill for a second and seemed to take a few breaths, to compose itself, before flying away, back to happiness. And I wonder if maybe we (I probably mean: I) should do the same. I’d not realised just how small they are, or how intricately and beautifully patterened their feathers are.
If it hadn’t have pooed on my bed it would probably have been a perfect moment.
(And yes, go on, make up your own jokes.)


And while I’m talking about birds – how cool is this? Watch for the woodpecker…

6 Comments on “Almost a Perfect Moment

  1.  by  Shaindel Beers

    What a perfect story! In college, I once woke up to a bird chirping and assumed it was outside, then realized it was on the headboard of my bed! I opened the window and let it out, and no drama ensued, but it was amazing.

  2.  by  Janette Jones

    Wonderful story, I especially liked the pooing incident – nearly as funny as the other Saturday night when Mr M spent a good half an hour chasing a spider round the kitchen floor with the spider vacuum!

  3.  by  May

    I miss the small lizard that used to live under my bathtub. I hope that it is still alive somewhere.

  4.  by  May

    I once saw a movie in which a young couple of scuba divers were forgotten by their boat in the open Australian ocean. They died.My lizard might have died.

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