Aliya Whiteley’s Secret Vice

(Good title, huh?)

Aliya has tagged me. She wants to know what my secret vices are.

Let’s see. Well, I don’t think I’ve anything secret. Don’t think there’s anything people don’t know about.

There are fountain pens, which I love. But they’re not really a vice. There’s American Chopper and Deadliest Catch that I love to watch. Again not really vices.

And then there’s Big Barn Farm. I first came across it when my beloved and I were in Cornwall earlier in the year. And I have to admit that whenever I happen upon it I do want to see how it ends. And in all fairness, it is good children’s TV.

(I’ll not tag anyone else, cos I tagged some folks not long ago and wouldn’t want to become a nuisance. BUT if anyone wants to do it – get it done!)

I went to a pub to see friends last night. It was good fun. But one event still has me puzzled. I passed some people, who’d been sitting at the table next to us, in the corridor as they were leaving. There was the polite, and rather northern, see ya from a couple of them, which I returned. And then, one of them, a lady (quite possibly a wee bit tipsy) grabbed my arm and, giggling, proceeded to call me George Michael. Over and over again. She thought it was hilarious. I thought (and still do) it was bizarre, for the simple reason that I look nothing like him at all. Very, very strange.

Me, when I got home, not looking like anyone other than myself.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    This is reassuring. Thank you, Sarah. (Though I do wonder how much more manly, not that much by my reckoning!) ;)N

  2.  by  Roger Morris

    I can’t see it myself! In the eighties, little kids used to run after me shouting Timmy Mallett, Timmy Mallett! Then someone said I looked like Chris Evans. Once, very bizarrely, I was even called Elton John by some drunken idiot. So, okay, I wear glasses. I suppose it’s better than Joe 90.

  3.  by  Aliya Whiteley

    I think you’re a little more Peter Sutcliffe around the eyes, myself. That could be the crazy staring, though.I didn’t tag you – Neil did. He has secret vices. I just have a faint predilection for tucking a blanket around myself on the sofa.

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Roger, that’s had me chuckling. And was it not I who mentioned Martin O’Neil? Again, apologies for that. Timmy Mallett? Elton John? Chrish Evans? Nah. They were wrong, very wrong. Buggers.Aliya – oops! I thought you were the tagger. Should learn to read more carefully. Apologies to Mr Neil.Peter Sutcliffe???? You cheeky … Actually you’re not the first to say that but there is V little I share with him, as I should hope. And the crazy stare, well wouldn’t you if you’d been called George Michael over and over again AND had one or two shandies? I rest my case.Happy blanketness.Nik 🙂

  5.  by  Lexi

    What a nice photo – the beard’s looking good, and the hair.Though you do appear a tad indignant.

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