A Lovely and Productive Day

Yup, that’s precisely what today’s been.

At lunch I met up with the truly lovely Caroline Smailes. We had tea, posh tea. The cups it was served in were floral and china and tiny. Caroline was addressed as Madam. I was addressed as Sir. None of this was expected. It was hilarious. (But the tea was very nice and so was the cake.) And I had a great old time.
This afternoon I was able to post all of the photo books I’d had orders for, which is pleasing. Really hope you like them, folks!
And I’ve been able to make some final arrangements for the book’s launch this weekend. And I’ve been able to get some writing done.
So, all in all, a rather good day.
Tomorrow, I have to decide what to read at an open mic event on Wednesday. Any suggestions? Or something new perhaps? (Those may have been rhetorical questions.)

0 Comments on “A Lovely and Productive Day

  1.  by  Lane

    HAve you read Angel in The Car Park at an open mic before? That would be good. Or Lists?I bet you’ve decided anyway:-)Glad you had a good day.

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Ooh good idea! Yes, The Angel’s been read over the radio but not live, I don’t think. Yup, that’s one! And something unpublished. Thanks Lane!N X

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Actually I’ve not had coffee in years (trying to cut down on the ol’ caffeine). A big mug of tea usually fits the bill. Or herbal. I do herbal. Just so long as it’s in something I can hold 🙂

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