A Great Little Read

I decided to read Lizard, by L. Schick (her debut) after reading what Scott Pack and Caroline Smailes had to say about it, (especially about it apparently winking towards Kafka) and I’m glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In short, it’s about a young girl, Eliza Young, who discovers one day that her leg has developed scales, yes, the sort lizards have. She goes to work as an au pair for a family on a sunny island where she come across a lizard civilisation. The story is about Eliza’s struggle to understand and cope with her new leg, this new civilisation and, ultimately, herself.
Now, as a novella, it isn’t perfect. It is, in parts, a little confusing – but I must say that I think that’s a big part of its charm in that it reflects Eliza’s own confusion – so it’s a small critisism. What I liked most about it though was the voice: new, fresh, intelligent, convincing and not at all self conscious. And it’s fun.
In short: I loved it, and I’d have happily spent a good deal more time in the company of Eliza. (I gave it 5 stars over at http://www.goodreads.com/.)
I think L Schick is definitely one to watch and I’m excited to read more of her stuff.

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