My copies of my book have arrived! I am very relieved (it means that I can stop worrying about whether they’ll be here in time for the Book Tour) and very happy. Proud? Quite possibly! It’s a very nice feeling indeed to be holding the finished product. And I must add that I am extremely impressed with the quality of paper and the cover. My publishers and the rest of the team have done a superb job – thank you!

Off to grin for a little while then back to work.

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I forgot to mention this before, but I wanted to – so I’m mentioning it now. I bought a bottle of Highland Spring water and couldn’t help but notice that there was something different about it. The bottle was pink. On further reading I found out that it is in support of Breast Cancer Care. There’s a number on the bottle that you can text in order to make a donation and in return you receive a pink ribbon for your mobile. Well, pink ribbon or not, it’s a great cause. You can find more info here. (It’s the second one down).

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    Great news Nik! Congrats on the book!tescoes also do a very nifty pair of pink wellies with pink ribbons in aid of breast cancer appeal. probably not for you, but maybe your other half or something! :)- steerpike’s sis.

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