8 To Go

So. Only eight posts to go before I hit the 1,000 post mark. Wowsers. And I think I know what I’ll do to celebrate. More of that closer to the time, though you can rest assured that it’ll be pretty good. There will be discounts, there will be give aways, there will be signed books up for grabs and, most importantly (because we’re all in this together) there will be sharing (and you, dear readers, I hope, will be very much involved).

As I say, more soon.


For now I’d like to point you in the direction of, the lovely, Jenny Beattie’s blog, where she’s had some pretty lovely things to say about Not So Perfect – which is always an ace thing to read – especially as she’s very much GOT it. So, a rather big thank you to her.

(Incidentally, if anyone would like to share what they’ve thought of Not So Perfect on amazon, then I shall not stand in their way. Don’t feel you have to but if you did you’d be doing me, and the book, a favour.)

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  1.  by  Jenny Beattie

    Thanks for the link Nik. NSP had been sitting in my basket at Amazon until I knew someone coming back to Bangkok with space in their suitcase. I'm just sorry I took so long.So so pleased I read them. Jxx

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