A Happy Ending and a Link

Well, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that Welly the dog/bear/pony got home safely. We tethered him to a post outside our local shop with a saxophone strap (you wouldn’t believe some of the things people carry around with them, would you!), gave him a bone and a bowl of water, and waited until the owner’s father could walk him home. Apparently, Welly had travelled about two miles (by my reckoning) and ‘is always getting out.’ That’s the spirit, Wellers!

I know a fair few people with websites, blogs and other such things and do my best, when I can, to put them up here. Here’s the latest one – the rather fiery Myspace of a very talented writer, James Bennett. If I’ve missed anyone’s on-line page/space/site etc, I apologize; it’s not intentional, I’ll have just forgotten.

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