Poetry Day

Wow. That was a blast.

Today was really cool, my local library had arranged for two poets to visit. And as it’s where I run my merry writing group I decided that we should take full advantage. And we did.

First up, this afternoon, was Cheshire’s Poet Laureate from 2005, the lovely Joy Winkler, who read, and chatted about, The Language of Flowers. She also read from her two collections, Morag’s Garden and On The Edge (the latter I’ll be reading very soon). And it was great fun and informative and, I know, brought back a lot of memories for the group. It’s funny how we associate different things with different things; the different things Joy was talking about were flowers. Marvellous.

Then, this evening, we had the pleasure of being in current CPL W Terry Fox’s company. He was in the library as part of his Making Noise in Libraries Tour and in between performances of his poem, ‘Words’ had kindly agreed to chat to the group about poetry things. Again, thoroughly enjoyable, informative and entertaining.

And as if that wasn’t enough, something nice and unexpected occurred as a result of these visiting poets. And that was that they were both keen to hear what we’ve been doing. It was great for me, and I’m sure to the group as well, to be able to read their poetry to a proper poet – something I’d never claim to be. (It was also nice for me to read an old story about a little green man, but that’s something for another time…).

So thanks to Joy and to Terry. You gave us all a terrific day.

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