Off to the pen doctor it is then.

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    Well I’ve sent them both off to the man who knows how to fix and resuscitate. Surgery seems inevitable. Eek! Thing is, I never learn – old pens are old and are in need of a little TLC. I think I expect them to be gorgeous and work-ready when they arrive. Actually, they are gorgeous, maybe not quite the other thing though 😉 And at least I’ve still got my main one, which really does write like a dream. (Did you know that the Lamy 2000 is the only pen to have a place in the Museum of Modern Art – my girlie’s sick of me stating that fact to her, but here’s okay, surely…!) I’m rambling, aren’t I? Sorry. Biros are cool though, Anne (though, if we’re talking that kind of pen, I much prefer Steadtler – despite probably spelling it wrong).Nik

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