The Continuing Story of The Lost Voice

Well, that was an interesting meeting. Perhaps the most interesting one I’ve been involved with. Seriously, trying to arrange what I’m going to do for a library for Adult Learners’ Week with no voice is no, as they say, walk in the park. I ended up nodding and croaking a lot. But it’s sorted now, which is good. I’m just hoping my voice returns in time to do the workshop.


Here’s the link to the pet poetry anthology, Animal Antics 2008, I mentioned yesterday. You can buy it from the list here. Once again, congrats Gay.

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  1.  by  Bill Chapman

    Since you mentioned Adult Learners’ Week, I hope you’ll allow me to add that the Esperanto Association of Britain offers a free Esperanto postal course. Suitable for those who would like a quick taster, this course gives an overview of the language in twelve bite-sized portions. Once you have received the first lesson, simply return your answers with an SAE. Your volunteer tutor will reply with guidance and the next lesson. All you pay is postage! Tel: 0845 230 1887 or write to: Esperanto EducationEsperanto HouseStation RoadBarlastonStoke-on-TrentST12 9DE

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