It occured to me that last week, as a result of attending meetings, tutoring etc. etc. I spent four days in a suit (not four whole days; I did take it off to go bed). Now I know that’s not anything exceptional in itself, I used to wear a suit for five or six days a week when I worked in my previous job, but it is a little different for me now, and reminds me that I have been that busy and it was okay to feel so bloody knackered at the end of the week.

I know next week’s only a short one (because, yes I am going to take advantage of the extra day’s holiday on offer for once), but I’m very much looking forward to getting back into the, relatively uninterrupted, writing swing of things. Very much.

So there it is. Me in my suit on Friday (not looking as jaded as I felt) in front of a display the library have put up of some work the children attending one of my workshops did. I’ll put some photos of the work they did (which was really impressive) up here when I’ve had chance to sort through them. Photo courtesy of Alison.

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