Actually, there is more than one wow today.

Wow #1.

Alicia Silverstone is, according to here, going to play the lead in a US adaption of best selling author and lovely person, Kate Long’s The Bad Mother’s Handbook. I loved the ITV one which aired last year (Catherine Tate played the lead in that one – pics here). Fantastic news. You can see the interview I did with Kate a couple of months ago here.

Wow #2.
… would be this latest post from John Lenahan.

Wow #3.

I signed up to one of those stat counter wossnames a little while ago and I’ve been really surprised and thrilled to see just how many people drop by on my blog. Thanks folks!

(Interestingly and strangely, over fifty people have found their way here courtesy of this image of a Landseer Newfoundland I posted ages and ages ago.)

Wow #4.

Well this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve pinched something from Sarah Salway’s blog. It’s her fault for posting such cool things. (They’re plastic bags tied to a NYC subway vent, by the way.) Enjoy…

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  1.  by  Lane

    Four really big wows Nik! The Ali story is fantastic and the plastic bags – well – a great piece of street art eh?Blog traffic is interesting isn’t it. I’m amazed at the number of people who pass by and even have a look around even though they never comment.

  2.  by  Fionnuala

    Hi Nik. What Fabulous wows! I loved the dog, so life like and weird to see it deflate back to a mere bag. China, take note of what to do with plastic bags!Nik, what stat counter do you use. I found one but it obliged me to have a weblink with it which I dont want people to have to do? F

  3.  by  Sarah Salway

    Yay, yay, for Kate. She’s a star. And I’ve tagged you btw. Sorry about that – my random things are up on the blog. Looking forward to reading yours.

  4.  by  Kate Long

    Thanks, Nik. We’re all really excited about the new show.Love those plastic dogs! Where do you find these gems, Sarah?

  5.  by  Kate Long

    Oh, and I must report back about Gee Williams’ launch of her short story collection, ‘Blood etc’, at Lingham’s in Heswall. A good crowd, very nice setting, and Gee spoke extremely well, as she always does. An excellent evening all round!

  6.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hey Lane. Yes I thought they were all good wows. (Could become a regular feature.) It is a little odd that such a small number of visitors comment, but the fact that they’re reading is plenty good enough for me.Hi F. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve emailed you…Sarah, oh she’s a star alright. I’ll consider myself tagged; the six things don’t have to be interesting, do they? :)Kate, you’re very welcome. I’ll bet you’re excited. Terrific news! Next stop, Hollywood.Nik

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