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Yesterday’s visit to St John’s was terrific. Really enjoyable, and great to see some familiar faces (including Miss Wallace and Mrs Moyes!).

We wrote short stories inspired by picture prompts and some seriously good work was produced. Seriously!

I’ve included a couple of the prompts below – if you end up writing anything inspired by one, do let me know; I’d be delighted to read it…

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    I know. Goodness knows what they’re doing! (Which is why I like it as a prompt.) I’m no horsey person but I’m certain the riders are supposed to be ON the horses. (Or are they ponies?)

  2.  by  Jenn

    Oh my. That is a beautiful cactus. I once did a piece of writing inspired by a cactus that I had accidentally killed. It had the word ‘testicle’ in it.

  3.  by  Lane

    I bet the children loved those prompts. The pointing cactus one is great but my money is on most of them going for the alien. Yes?Ah gymkhanas… those were the days:-)

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Mostly, yes. The bucket and sponge one was popular as well, which surprised me a little. Lots of opportunuties for cleaning up after parties or murder scenes!Nik

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