Going Live and Falling Over

You can now see two of my poems over at the Shine Journal. Go on, have a butcher’s.


Received these beauties the other day and I can’t wait to get stuck in to them. Big thanks to the splendid Sarah Salway for sending them.


And last night I slipped over on the snow. Properly. And how amused was I to see that I’d made an imprint in the snow? Well, amused enough to take a picture of it:

And rather less amusing was having it pointed out to me that there’s a bloody typo in my book. The fact that no-one else noticed (not even me) in the fourteen months it’s been out makes it no less frustrating.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Magical poems – as ever! And, dahhling, every book in the world has a ruddy typo in. I always like to make sure mine have several. It keeps the readership alert, don’t you know …:))Axxx

  2.  by  Welshcake

    Don’t worry about the typo – I’m just reading something that’s been in print for the best part of a decade and I noticed a typo!

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