Being Funny

I don’t think I’m a particularly funny person. I’m certainly not very good at writing comedy. But I keep laughing to myself when I remember what I said in a conversation a couple of weeks ago. It, I think, is funny; it was not my intention.

Person: Hi, Nik. Happy new year.
Me: Happy new year. Did you have a good Christmas?
Person: Not that great. I had that stomach bug that’s been going round. What about you?
Me: No, I’ve not had it. I’ve been fine.
Person (smiling sympathetically) : Your Christmas?


(I should add that I thought my little joke to Doc over the weekend about not banking on the circus to finish on time because it was run by a bunch of clowns was a good one. For me at least. Hmm. Probably just me.)

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  1.  by  Emma K-F

    See, what did I say about you and comedy? I think you might be rather funnier than you give yourself credit for… ;-)Just saw the photo of the index cards, btw, and the lovely plug for me/the blog – thank you kindly! I’ll have to send more surprise stationary products if you’re going to be this nice about it every time! :-)Emma xx

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks Emma. I really appreciated the cards – lovely, thoughful gesture.And honestly, I’m not particularly funny in real life. Not when I mean to be anyway!Nik

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