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Thanks to Amy from the Heywood Advertiser for sending me this, a wee picture story of my visit and library opening a couple of weeks back.


I’m still struggling a bit with this blinkin’ cold. It’s done my nose and chest and has now nestled in my throat. I hope to be better, and with a clearer head, very soon. There is much writing needs doing.


I’ve mentioned the terrific Vulpes Libris site before (it’s one of those sites I must check at least once a week) and am happy to be able to point you their way again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rosy’s article on favourite (picture) books earlier. Well worth checking out, folks.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    He he. Well there are a few similarities – though my beard is much neater and I am, naturally, far better looking. :)N xx

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