I have a very sore hand at the moment (goodness knows what I’ve done to it) so I’m having a less productive week than I hoped I’d have, and which is why this post is going to have to be brief.


The lovely Lisa Glass sent me this picture the other day; the cake, based on her book’s cover, was made for the launch of her book. Pretty brilliant, isn’t it!

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  1.  by  LG

    Hehe. Thanks Nik. You know, looking at it there, I think I prefer it to the version on my cover! She’s a genius, that cake lady. Cheers Linda!!

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Cool! A conversation in my comments which I’ve not been involved with! Well, this is a place for people to come, to chat and, of course, admire cake!Cheers all. Hope you’re all well!Nik 🙂

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