Still at it

I’m about half way through this rewrite (10,500 words out of a little under 20,000) and as such I don’t have all that much to report.

(Actually I wanted to blog about receiving my copy of Cover the Mirrors by Faye L Booth, how much I appreciated her sending me a bookplate and how much I loved reading the prologue but I’m just not going to have time.)

And I know there’s a ton of emails I’ve not yet replied to, so to anyone waiting for a reply from me – you should get one early next week. Promise! Thank you for your patience.

Now, chapter 13, in which our hero finds himself taken to a barn…

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    They can be indeed, Anne, and this one is no exception!I think I need a torch, Annie because I seem to be buried under a pile of emails at the moment! Nik.

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