My friends went to Cyprus and all they got me was…

this lovely little magnetic crab (currently attached to the cabinet which is the side of my desk). Thanks G ‘n’ R.


Cover the Mirrors by Faye L. Booth has been released. Looking forward to receiving my copy. (I was supposed to be attending the launch in Preston on Friday but ended up being unable to get there. I really hope it went splendidly.)


And this is horribly and wonderfully addictive.


I’m also secretly and slowly working on a new website, after pretty much all attempts to update and then delete my old one have failed (sigh, grumble). If anyone has any thoughts my ears are always open.

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  1.  by  JwBennett

    I love the crab Nik! Very kitsch and cheerful! I got a glowing plastic ghost for halloween and it’s tres cool. 😉

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