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Tis true, and was proved last night. I’d been invited to attend a ‘special evening viewing’ of an exhibition on Cheshire’s literary heritage held at the Salt Museum in Northwich. I went last night, not really knowing what to expect (well, you wouldn’t really, would you?). After a brief and friendly chat with a couple of staff members I was ushered into the room where all the guests were being held. I accepted a glass of water and waited for things to commence.

I must have stood there for about five minutes before I realised that I was going to struggle to engage anyone in conversation. Some clearly weren’t all that keen on even returning smiles. But they don’t know me and I don’t know them and I suppose they might not have been there to talk to people – and in my motorcycle jacket I could have been anyone/trouble/lost.

And then a lady and her husband walked in and ended up heading my way. They nodded and smiled, as did I, and pretty soon we were having a great old chat. It turned out that, not only was the lady, Gee Williams, a fellow author (you can order her book, Salvage, – which sounds marvellous – here) but we also share a writer friend.

From then on the evening was great. The exhibition was fab. They had original typescripts of Robert Westall’s, The Machine Gunners, his typewriter, medieval writing implements (not his), stuff on Alan Garner, Lewis Carroll, Elizabeth Gaskell… all sorts. Well worth a look if you’re in the area.

And at some point, people started to smile at each other.

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  1.  by  gee

    Hi Nik – it was good to meet you too- and the second prize was getting called ‘a lady’ next day. My husband and I really enjoyed the Salt Museum – a sentence I only ever expected to hear from the Queen.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Ha! Indeed! I thought the whole evening was good fun, which was a relief.And, well, you certainly looked like a lady to me!Great to meet you and your husband.All the best,Nik.

  3.  by  Jan

    Popped in and saw this piece on the Salt Museum. It’s great but for some reason, Ive discovered that not a lot of local folk know about it. I went to a brilliant poetry day there run by Jo Bell, the present Cheshire Poet Laureate. Great fun( both Jo AND the session!)See my Blog Post Saturday June 2nd if time/inclination..

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Just read it, Jan. Looks like you had a good time.I keep meaning to have a look at Jo’s work; though I don’t know too much about her. (I think we were in the same room once, at a poems and pints night. organised by Harry Owen, I took my writing group to.) Another thing for the to-do list!Nik

  5.  by  Kate Long

    I love Robert Westall – I have all his books. I wish I’d had the opportunity to tell him that before he died.Glad you met Gee – she’s great, isn’t she?

  6.  by  Nik's Blog

    I must confess to having only ever read the one (no prizes for guessing which!). And yes, Gee’s lovely. Very glad to have met her and her husband.Nik

  7.  by  kate long

    My recommendations are ‘Devil on the Road’, which is about a biker who time-travels and falls in love with a witch, and ‘Futuretrack 5’ which is a sci fi dystopian tale. But he never wrote a duff novel.

  8.  by  Nik's Blog

    As they say up ‘ere – I’m on it!There are just SO MANY books I want to read. I’ve bought ’em all. Just need the time.They’ll just have to join the queue!

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