A Post of Two Birthdays

One belated, the other not.

So, happy birthday to the lovely and Very Talented Sarah (hope you have a splendid day).

And, belatedly, happy birthday to my blog. It turned one during August and I never noticed.

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  1.  by  Jan

    HEllo NikIve not been blogging for a while but thought Id pop in on some new folk now Ive returned. Im from, I think, the same neck of the woods..ie NW Eng.SO….Hello again, sir!

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hi Jan. Thanks for dropping by. You’ve got me curious now – where in the nw are you? Chester, Preston, Stoke…?All the best,Nik.

  3.  by  LG

    Nah, I’m too busy reading everyone else’s blogs!!Hope things are good. Love the new pics! Lx

  4.  by  Ross

    Congratulations on the Blog’s birthday Nik. Apparently the average lifespan of a Blog is 2 – 3 months. That seems to be about the time people’s interest wanes. Perhaps that is the modern measure of attention span…Keep up the good work.R

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