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As you may or not know a couple of weeks ago my beloved and I holidayed in the wonderful city of Bruges. And it seems that as much as one may try to get away from Very Nice Authors, as you can see from the photos, it’s hard. I was thrilled to see Roger N Morris’ A Gentle Axe in the window of a fabulous book shop in the middle of Bruges, and Kate Long’s Queen Mum in Brussels airport. Good show! (While there I was also able to meet up with the lovely Leila Rasheed, who as well as treating us to a whistle-stop tour of Brussels, very kindly gave me a proof copy of Chips, Beans and Limousines – which is FAB!)
And the other picture was taken last night as I read at the Church House pub where my writing group launched their collection of poems and short stories. It was a great night and I enjoyed it very much. The quality of readings was excellent. So thanks to everyone who came to listen or to read and thanks to those who bought copies of our book. (If anyone would like a copy then drop me a line.)
Very happy to be able to point you in the direction of this – it’s Emma Darwin’s blog. Emma (who is definitely on my nicest people I’ve never met list) is not only a wonderfully talented writer but also seems to know pretty much everything about everything. I get the feeling her blog will be terrifically interesting. Check it out!

And now, back to the writing.

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  1.  by  Kate Long

    Fabbity fab fab, as Georgia Nicholson would say. In my local bookshops I keep tripping over Maria McCarthy’s ‘The Girl’s Guide to Losing Her L Plates’. It’s nice, like spotting friends!Cheers, Nik.

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