An Audacious Morris and a Brilliant Scene

He seems to get everywhere does that R (sometimes N) Morris, including the Wall Street Journal, which is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, pretty darned tremendous. And he’s a nice bloke. And a terrific writer. I should probably hate him, but I don’t. Congrats Rog.

This is what the WSJ had to say about his second book:

“English writer R. N. Morris has produced perhaps the most audacious police-inspector novel of the season with “The Gentle Axe.”….The tale hums along with controlled excitement, as if written by a Russian minimalist and rendered by a fine translator. The psychological and spiritual themes seem worthy of Dostoyevsky; there are traces of Gogol and Gorky, too. Such an accomplished book transcends pastiche.”


After discussing films the other night with my very lovely girlfriend I had a dig around youtube and found this (from ‘THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.’) What a brilliant scene.


Oh and courtesy of a link on Editorial Anonymous’ blog – I think this story is very funny.

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