Cats and Things

Where to start?

Well, how about here? Above is a picture of possibly the world’s friendliest cat; and possibly the only one who thinks it’s a parrot. A gorgeous black one with white boots and chest who befriended (adopted?) me while I walked home the other night. It jumped onto the wall outside my house (after a ten minute journey during which it would not listen when I warned it to go back in case it got lost) for a stroke and, while I administered said stroking, jumped up onto my shoulder, where it sat, quite happily for a short while and only decided it’d had enough when I tried to capture the event on my phone’s camera.


And I’ve had a lovely weekend. Yesterday my girlie and I went up to Speedwell Cavern with friends Ruth and Gary. Much fun was had (probably too much at times) but I was disappointed that I was not able to ask the guide, how many undiscovered caves there were in the Peak District [thanks Ben] because he beat me to it by using it in his guide-patter.

And after a shower and quick feed the four of us headed up to a pub not too far away and watched a really great blues band – a proper one who did John Lee Hooker songs and suchlike. Sadly I’ve forgotten what they’re called.

And today we went (minus friends) to Tatton House. I’d wanted to go mainly for research purposes (for the WIP) and it helped as I’d hoped it would – but it was also a really fun and interesting day out. I like research like that. I like it very much.

Next is to draft a letter to the person who’ll hopefully let me have a look at the old books there (again for WIP research reasons). I hope she’s as helpful and friendly as the staff we chatted to today.


And the exciting news doesn’t seem to stop coming! If you hop across to Faye L Booth’s blog you can see the beautiful cover of her novel, Cover The Mirrors, which is to be released in November. (You might have to scroll down a bit though cos I meant to blog about this a little while ago, but as I’ve not been blogging, I haven’t. Sorry Faye.)

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