And a Good Time Was Had by All

Well last night’s poetry reading at The Bear Town Tap in Congleton went very well. Which is a relief.

Thanks to Harry Owen for arranging and for being a terrific MC. All of the Writing Group read out pieces (which were excellent) and received deserved applause. Well done guys. I was also impressed with the quality of the others there. So, yes – a good time was had by me. The biggest pats on the back, I think, should go to Karen and Nickie – who’d never read in public before. No one would have known. Incidentally, Karen’s performance with her fella, Steve, was the one which I thought stole the show on Tuesday. Red tape, red tape…


I’m still lazily reading through my first draft. The intention was to have a leisurely read-through, making the odd note as I went. The above picture is one of a typical page. I am using far more red ink than I intended. It’s not supposed to look like that until I’m properly redrafting. Maybe my editing process has evolved.


And I’d like to draw your attention to this article, written by a fellow WriteWorder – the very talented Trilby Kent.


And last but not least – happy birthday Anne.

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