Wicked Wallpaper

It’s the end of a busy week of writing for me. Which is good. By my reckoning, and given fair winds, I should have finished the first draft of the novel I’m working on some time next week. It’s not a target or anything; just an observation. Targets like that, in my opinion and from experience, don’t tend to work.
And just as a point of (possible) interest, I changed my computer’s wallpaper yesterday. I had been going with the Australian ritual one (the men in suits who could, on a dark night, be mistaken for Wombles) but after a nosy around Marvel’s wonderful website changed it to the Dr Doom one – which I think looks beautiful.
I pre-ordered my copy of the picture book, Uncle Alonzo’s Beard, by the very lovely (aren’t all writers?) Emma King-Farlow, the other day. It looks like really good fun. Check it out.

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