I’m Back!

After a weekend away from the computer.

Friday was great. I spent the afternoon with children at Wilmslow Prep. school, and had a really good time. The girls were intelligent and enthusiastic – which is really all a visiting author can ask for. I hope I left them with things to think about. Good things, that is.

A great big whopping huge thanks goes to Judy Hughes who did a splendid job of organisation whilst under, I understand, other considerable pressures. Thank you!


And in other news…

I was reminded yesterday of how sushi is high on the list of my favourite things. (Not as high as it is on my girlfriend’s it turned out). Sushi is cool. Sushi bars are cooler.


And speaking of cool things, did anyone else see the lunar eclipse on Saturday? I did. It was brilliant. At one point it looked a little like this.


[Added: CLICK HERE for an interview with my favourite singer – the very lovely and hugely talented HERA.]

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  1.  by  roger

    Nik, glad the appearance went well and that you’re still out there doing the stuff. I received the book today, so it will be coming back to you in the next day or so, with a copy of Roman for you to sign.Cheers,Rog

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Always doing the stuff, Rog! Always. I’ll get that copy of The Roman back to you (and reviewer extrordinaire) as soon as.Cheers,Nik.

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