Arvon Anthology (and a few other bits)

I have absolutely no idea why I’ve not posted this before. Apologies. I know I meant to because it’s a wonderful thing, filled with wonderful things. Back in the summer I taught at an Arvon residential (with Jasmine Ann Cooray for First Story) and it was one of the best weeks I’ve had (you can […]

Christmas at Melior

I’m still in that weird/tired/recovering post-op fug (thank you to all who said nice, encouraging things – don’t worry, I have, for once in my life, taken advice and have been taking things exceptionally slowly). I’m able to walk around a little now – I even went outside earlier, but it’ll be a little while […]


It was a strange sort of time for me over the holidays. I got to see my sister and her children, and family, on Christmas day which was lovely. But there’d been something I’d been struggling with for a while now that ended up dictating the way everything else went. I’ll spare the details but, […]