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What a week! So far I’ve not been able to do anything in the way of writing which is frustrated. On Monday, after much discussion with various people in the know, I went to my local computer retailer to quiz them about Macs. My chief worry was regarding compatibilty ie will I be able to open MS Office docs on a Mac, and will Office (for Mac) docs I send be openable by people using a PC? I was assured Apple had ironed out all compatibility issues, so I bought one.

The machine is beautiful. The screen; the way it worked was so smooth. I was, for a moment, very happy. And then I tried to open the file of the story I’m working on. And I couldn’t. The file could not be read. So after an hour or two’s research and struggle, to no avail, I realised I had made a mistake. We would never get on. So I put it, very carefully, back in its box. I took it back the following morning.

I saw the chap who’d told me there would be no problem and I told him there had been a problem and that I would consider exchanging the Mac for a laptop. I asked him (God knows why) to show me the laptops. He told me, rather rudely, that I would ‘have to speak to computers.’ When I asked him if that were not him he said no and walked off. It was lucky that I had a suspicion that ‘computers’ where a department, otherwise I could have looked quite silly.

So I’ve bought myself a Sony. And it does cool things like taking pictures of me (see above).

So that’s been my week so far. Now; writing!
I watched the ITV adaption of Kate Long’s THE BAD MOTHER’S HANDBOOK and was mightily impressed, as well as being thrilled for Kate.

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