A Dangerous Anne, An Axe and Some Number Love!

I’m thrilled to say that my friend Anne Brooke’s latest novel is available. You can order your copy of A DANGEROUS MAN from here.

Best of luck with it, Anne!


And congrats to Emma Darwin for making the regional shortlist for the Commonwealth Writers Best First Book Award, for THE MATHEMATICS OF LOVE.

I think I’ve already mentioned that Roger N Morris’ latest is out as well – but just in case I haven’t CLICK HERE. I notice that Amazon also list an audio CD. I must ask him about that.


Not much else to report from me really. I’ve been busy writing mostly.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Ooh, thanks ever so, Nik!! The cheque’s in the post – from me, Roger AND Emma!!What a star you are … but then we knew that.:))Axxx

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