Worrying Lack of Cables

I broke my keyboard last week. It made me sad because I really liked it. It was only cheap. It connected to my laptop (which is on a cradle so I don’t knacker my back up any more than I already have) by a cable. It did nothing fancy but it did its job well and the action of the keys was a delight. It was white and made by IT Works.

As I said, I broke it. My fault, I was reading a bit of The Book Thief and kinda dropped it. It’s a heavy (and very good – so far) book, and as a result, the N key fell off.

So I trundled down to Comet for a replacement and discovered they don’t stock it anymore. So I went elsewhere. To John Lewis and bought a Logitech EX 110. This had no cables. I did not trust it, but I made do. And a week on I found I was still making do. And that’s not good enough. A decent keyboard is one of the few luxuries I think a writer should be allowed. So in a fit of fed up with plasticky-feeling-keyboard rage I hopped into my car and drove back to John Lewis. I took more time to choose this time, and the assistant was brilliant (he opened boxes and let me try before I bought – Thank you.) and came away with another keyboard. This one had cables.

And now I’ve just installed (Why one would have to install a keyboard is beyond me, but clearly not beyond Bill Gates) my shiny new Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard, which I much prefer. This one connects to my computer by a cable. I’m happier with that. So, no offence to Logitech, but I thik this one’s well dead better.


The doing a minimal amount of typing seems to have done my hands a world of good. So by Monday I expect to be back at it and typing at the speed of light. After all, novels don’t write themselves, do they?


And best of luck to Roger for next week, when he’ll see his second book published. Nice chap, talented writer, and definitely on my list of the nicest people I’ve never met.


Ooh, and congrats to Sammy, who if he’s reading, will know what I mean.

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