Prehistoric Sharks and Back Pain

I’m still struggling on with sore hands and back and neck. Off to the doc’s shortly so I’m hoping he’ll be able to put me right. Isn’t it always the way that something like this happens when you’re really busy. Ho hum.


Unrelated to the whole Big Brother debate (which I’m not going to enter into), I was discussing race issues with someone the other day and I think she put it wonderfully.

She’s a very nice lady called Donyae Coles, and this is what she said:

“Racism is like mould. It starts out in a small corner of the basement and you don’t worry about it because it’s in the basement and isn’t there supposed to be mould in the basement? and before you know it every wall in your house is infected with it and its a fight to get rid of.”

Thanks Donyae for letting me post it here.


And finally. I think that this night be the coolest thing I’ve seen this year.

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  1.  by  Jen

    Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful blog. Donyae [great name!] Coles’ quote is the most intelligent thing I’ve ever read in a long while. It should be posted, digested and memorized everywhere!As for the frilled shark – isn’t that the most amazing creature? Long may it stay untouched and un-killed! :-)Take it easy with the RSI. It’s an evil illness to have and especially so for an author.Take careJen

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