Music and Achievement

Yup I have achieved something today. It’s taken me till half three to do, but I have done it. I have tidied my office and my bookshelves. And it feels good. My office is definitely a nicer place to be now I can see the floor. (Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, but not far off!).


And yes, music. I wanted to give a couple of recommendations. Hera’s album, DON’T PLAY THIS is the best one I’ve heard in years. I really mean that. It really is excellent and Hera’s lovely as well. Buy it and enjoy it.

The other band who I’ve recently discovered are The Vincent Black Shadow. I actually stumbled across these while being nosy on Myspace. R.H. Stavis had them playing on her profile page.


So there you go. Back to the writing now for me, which, I feel, is going well.

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