Get Better!

The title of this is dedicated to/an order for, my good friend, Gary. He’s had a rotten few weeks and I want to wish him, from Liz as well, a very speedy recovery. Come on, mate, get it sorted! Seriously though, best wishes.


Been busy today although I’ve not achieved half of what I’d hoped. Looks like another late finish. Hmm. Not what I was hoping for. At least I managed to get some plotting issues resolved for my novel.


Had a really lovely time last night with some friends I hadn’t seen in the best (or worst) part of seven years. How it flies. Anyhow, it was great to see you again. We’ll have to do it again, soon.


How’s this for a small piece of trivia: the official sport of Maryland, US, is jousting. Apparently they were the first to adopt an official sport, and I must say that I think jousting is quite the one to go for.

So now you know.


And just to remind you that you can now purchase the Bedtime Poetry Anthology from Amazon, (and soon via my website, email me if you’d like to do it that way though Amazon is probably easier). Also available through Amazon is my novel.

Back to the grind…

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