Chuffed in Manchester

I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I met up with a few fellow writers and writeworders in Manchester and had a great time. Yesterday I ate some fantastic Thai food with my girlie.

One thing that’s continually surprised me when I meet up with other writers is how normal and nice they tend to be. I’ve yet to meet up with any and not enjoy myself. I hope that doesn’t change.


Congratulations to Emily, who’s just given birth to her second child. All the very best wishes!


I was quite chuffed to discover that the short story I wrote the other week was quite good (as suspected) and, following rewrites and a submission, has been accepted for publication. More details to follow.


I’m at a school in Mossley tomorrow to sign some books, so really I’d better get back to work!

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  1.  by  Kevb.

    Ditto my man. By the way, you’re the first published writer that I’ve met in the flesh (so to speak).Saz if you are reading this, get those submissions in the post.Kev.

  2.  by  HilaryMack

    Hi, and congrats on your story being accepted. I am a writer, living in the South East of England. My blog name says it all really – starving writer. I’m actually mostly a playwright, but I do write other things as well. Look forward to hearing more of your successes.

  3.  by  TitaniaWrites

    Hi Nik,I just joined Writewords, seems like a great place. Congrats on your story publication! I’d love to come and hang out with all you writer types, especially in Manchester, fab city, but I’m not in England so that won’t happen any time soon. Thank goodness for cyberspace. Knowing you’re all out there helps.

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