Oz and motorcycle jackets
The batteries in my camera are now fully charged so I’ve been able to take these pics of Robert Sabuda’s wonderful artwork in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book I was talking about the other day. Pretty cool, huh?
I’ve also been rather impressed with http://bikeremporium.com/ who I ordered a motorcycle jacket from a couple of days ago. They emailed me to check I’d ordered the right size (that’s what I call service!) and have given me a label number so I can track its delivery through the USPS website. It’s left San Fransisco airport apparently. Brilliant. Very much looking forward to getting it.
This is cool. I lifted it from Neil Gaiman’s blog. I don’t think he’ll mind. I hope not anyway.
And don’t forget, you can see (and hear) me reading from I Met a Romanby clicking here.

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