Takes Time

I’m one step closer, I think and hope, to being able to upload me reading from my book. Any day now. Fingers crossed.

Not much else to report other than I wrote a short story today. I’ve not written one of those in a while. At the moment I’m pleased with it. I’ll see if that’s still the case when I re-read it in a few days/weeks. In my experience what seems wonderful when it’s fresh and newly written can be less so when read in the clear and cool light of day, when you’re not quite so excited with what you’ve created. We’ll see. It’s times like these that remind me that very little is instant where writing’s concerned.


I’ve also been dipping into Neil Gaiman’s new short story collection. I’ve only read one so far truth be told, a poem actually, entitled ‘The Day the Saucers Came’ and it is wonderful.


I also notice that you can order my book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? here.

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