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I don’t often get the opportunity to meet fellow authors face to face, so when I found out that my ‘virtual’ friend, author and fellow writeworder Anne Brooke was holidaying in Buxton I jumped at the chance to meet for a chat with her and her husband over a pot of tea. And that’s what I did this morning. I made the drive in about 40 minutes and spent the best part of two hours gassing. And it was great. We talked about writing and books (of course) a little, and also about other things that had nothing to do with writing. I often forget that us writers are capable of that. Other topics of conversation included: supermarkets, car parks, supermarket car parks, Kent, bull finches, golden eagles, zebra crossings, the Lake District, Pachebel, cameras, Dr Who, Torchwood, Myspace, and lots more. I had a really enjoyable morning, thanks Anne and husband.

Anne writes gay crime fiction – you can look at her latest book here. Her website’s here and her journal’s here.

The rest of the day’s just flown. I’ve been stuck in my office writing all afternoon which has been great. I think I’m getting somewhere. Touch wood. I also managed to record a reading from my book which should be up here soon.

And on a final note…

What Julia posted on her blog today made me smile.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Fantastic to meet you too, Nik – had a great time, and good to know you’re real too! Husband also enjoyed meeting you and was amazed how normal you were – for a writer!! Mind you, he’s only got me to compare …==:O:))Axxx

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Me? Normal? It was all an act! I -slipped out of my human-skin suit as soon as I got home.But seriously, it was fab to meet you both. I had a really good time.

  3.  by  Simon Haynes

    Small world. That’s me she’s talking about 😉 (It’s Haynes, but everyone stuffs that up.)And I’m only here because I saw you on a Myspace writing group and sent you a friend request!

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