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I really love getting reviews which have been written by children. They are who the book’s been written for so to get positive feedback from them is wonderful.

Here’s another. This time by 8 year old, CM.

“I met a Roman last night, what did you do?’ is entertaining and educational. It tells you about the Romans, the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans and the Second World War. It has a character called Jack and every time he goes to sleep he travels back in time and meets a person like a Viking or a Roman. It is an interesting story and I recommend it to people who like a fun story. The chapter names make you want to read on and when you do you’re not disappointed. I like the choice of type face a lot. ‘I met a Roman last night, what did you do?’ is a brilliant story. I am glad to be writing a review for it.”

Thanks, CM. A really great review and really well written.

I’m trying to give my office a quick tidy so when I get back to writing I can do it in the best possible environment. So far, so good. And in an hour and a half I’m off to St John’s school to sign some books. Once I’ve done that it really will be the end of the hugely enjoyable Roaming Roman Book Tour.

As I said earlier, I’ll be posting my thoughts on that soon, as well as a video reading from the book.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Yes, I was very impressed too!Think she might have been taking notes from her writer dad. She’s clearly got a talent for reviewing.Nice work, CM.Nik.

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