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Quick post as I’m running late!

I’ve just noticed this review on the writewords website. Written by Sarah Jackson.

“I Met a Roman Last Night by Nik Perring is a wonderful tale about a young boy who experiences fantastic adventures when he falls asleep. The story’s main character Jack, is vivid and engaging and takes the reader with him on a fascinating and educational series of journeys into English history throughout the course of the book.

Jack’s journey starts with the Romans and moves on to the Celts and the burial of Boudicca. Next, he attends an Anglo Saxon feast and befriends a young Anglo Saxon girl. He also gets to see a Viking Longhouse firsthand, and even lends a hand in writing the Domesday book.

What I love most about this story is the way it brings history alive. Jack’s adventures lend a personal side to history that textbooks and museums can’t possibly do. In each of his encounters, Jack takes with him something that he could not have learned in the classroom. This is most apparent in his final night-time journey into English history, when he finds himself in war-time Britain during World War II. Not only does he learn something about history during his time there, but he learns something about people in his own time too.

This is a lively and interesting story with colourful characters. Highly recommended for children- this is guaranteed to get them excited about history!”

Thanks Sarah!

More tomorrow, folks.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Cheers my dear. Hope you’re still beavering away at the Nanoo nanoo write LOADS in a month thingumy! You brave, brave soul. I think, at last count, I’d done 6k words in about six weeks. Hmph!Thanks again,Nik.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Ha ha. Indeed. And people wonder why I don’t take part! Bloody madness I tell you! I’ll have a dip into your blog before asking you how it’s going.Nik.

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