Cheeseless pizzas – WHAT A TREAT!

Holmes Chapel Library was fun on Saturday, if a little quiter than I’d expected. I met with some people I’d spoke to at Congleton library the week before which was really nice. What was nicer was that the boy in question had read my book and enjoyed it.

And on Saturday things just got better.

You see, I know that this won’t mean anything to most, if not all, who’ll read this, but I can’t, for medical reasons, eat cheese. And not being able to eat cheese means that I can’t eat anything with cheese in it, such as some of my favourite foods, like cheesecake, pizza, lasagne, and plenty, plenty more. Many more things than I care to mention. On Saturday, in the knowledge that a restaurant not all that far from me, were HAPPY to serve CHEESELESS PIZZAS, my girlie and I went out for dinner. And I ate pizza. For the first time in years and years and years, I ATE PIZZA. It was divine. It was delicious, and I think for a little period of time I was the happiest boy in all of England. We will be going back there. No two ways about it.

I think it showed the difference between a good restaurant and a not so good one. A couple of weeks ago we went out with a couple of friends and, cutting a long story short, even after the waitress had confirmed with the chef that my order didn’t contain cheese (because if it did I’d be very poorly), the shared vegetables that came with the meal, were – you guessed it – covered in cheese. I think people think I’m being awkward when I say I can’t eat cheese. I’m really not. As much as I’d like to eat it, I can’t. Which is why I was so impressed with the attitude in the ‘good’ restaurant on Saturday. ‘You don’t want cheese, you don’t have cheese,’ said the chap. ‘We can make you a pizza without any dough if you want.’ It was nice because he wasn’t being sarcastic. Just doing his job. Thank you, nice man and thank you the chef who cooked it. It was perfect.

Thank goodness for cheeseless pizzas and people who are great at their jobs. But more so the pizzas.

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