Another Review, and thrice well done

Another review of my book, this time without the scary photo.

Reviewed by Casey’s 9 yr old.

This book is about a boy who goes to sleep and travels back in time to meet Romans, Vikings and Celts and has lots of adventures.

My favourite part is when Jack, the little boy, has dinner with the Celts, because the Celts are interesting.

I also like it when Jack goes back in time at the the end of the story and ends up in an air-raid with a girl called Betty. I like it because it is frightening.

It think it is funny when, after Jack has dinner with the Celts, he says he is going to have a little nap and ends up waking up in his bedroom. His dad is trying to wake him and Jack says “is that the Celts?” and he says “No, it’s your dad!”

I’ve learnt that if i’m ever in an air-raid i should go to a shelter.

10/10 because it is really good and funny.

Big thanks to Casey’s 9 year old, Casey and the rest of the Casey family for this.

If anyone else would like to email me a review I’d be happy to post it here.

I think I’m going to call it a day shortly. It’s been a long week and I think I deserve a little rest.

And only two more weeks of the Roaming Roman Book Tour (for now). Sigh. As always, if anyone would like me to visit their school, library or book shop, please drop me a line.

And a reminder that the Wilmslow event, on Nov 11th, will require tickets. They’re free, but to make sure you don’t miss out, please contact them here.

The children’s poetry anthology ‘A Bedtime Poem for Every Day of the Year’ to which I have conrtibuted, should be out any time soon. You can order your copy here.

And finally…

Three things actually. I’d like to congratulate Emma Darwin for being shortlisted for the Goss First Novel award; Anne Brooke for her poem being longlisted for the Bridport Prize; and say a big well done to Roger Morris, whose book has been spotted, en masse, in South Africa. It’s always good to see nice people doing well, and those three definitely qualify.


On the congratulations and nice people front, I should also mention J W Bennett – whose latest offering is available here.

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