This picture is for anyone who has ever wondered what an author looks like mid-book tour.

Tomorrow (or maybe even tonight) the beard goes. I need to look presentable (or less scary) for my visit to Congleton Library on Saturday.

This review of my book was posted on the website, writewords today:

“I Met a Roman Last Night…

… and a jolly good time he showed me too. This is a rollicking adventure story aimed at children, but it can also be enjoyed by their parents. The main character, Jack, is very strong and is a delight to be with on our journey through different historical periods – which are mainly Old to Medieval, but which also brings us up to the war years at the end.

It’s also a delightful mix of educational content and narrative excitement. On a personal level, it was lovely to have that whistle-stop tour through Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Celtic life. I’ve studied “Beowulf” in the original – for two different degrees! – and I’m always happy to see it mentioned in any story!

I must admit the sudden jump to the 20th century at the end did take me by surprise (I was hoping for Chaucer, but suspect that’s just me being greedy – and it certainly wouldn’t bother any story-loving child …) but it does bring about a lovely turn to the tale, with the focus on Jack and the new girl at school. Here his experience helps him to deal with the modern school situation and is, indeed, a lesson for us all in how to handle the unfamiliar, and relate it to our own lives.

In short, thoroughly recommended for the youngsters in your family, and an excellent and lively introduction to various historical eras. I’m looking forward to the sequel.”

I also got a mention on the reviewer’s (Anne Brooke) blog which was lovely. Thanks, Anne.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    No, no! Keep the beard! It’s great – makes you look like a brave-but-exhausted Victorian adventurer. I vote for the beard!!:))Axxx

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