Why You Shouldn’t Read Beautiful Words

With the publication day of Beautiful Words drawing ever closer, reviews are starting to come in. So far, they’ve all been positive, which has gone some way to making me less nervous. Here’s the latest, from the brilliant Dan Powell, on why you shouldn’t read it.

He says, along with other things:

‘All of which should explain exactly why you should not read this book. You should lie back and imbibe it. You should stroll through it with you fingers. You should leap back and forth across the whole span of the alphabet, make bold connections between the entries that are furthest apart. Most of all, once you have visited each and every one of the twenty-six words, you should not consider this book as having been read. You should keep it on the coffee table, by the phone, or maybe put it in the glove box of your car, slip into a friend’s bag, or place it by the bedside of a loved one, so that either you or someone else can be surprised by it later on, return to it, stroll again through its words and images and meanings and declarations.

So, to conclude, do not read Beautiful Words. And having not read it do not regard this book as a good read or indeed as something you have read and therefore finished. Rather think of it as what it is, an emotionally engaging experience that should be repeated.’

It made me happy. And here’s the cover, which makes me happy too.

Cover 180x180-2

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