What The Postman Brought and Other Stories

A selection of nice booky things came in the post today.

Janet Mitchell was good enough to send me a copy of The Creepy Girl and Other Stories, and I must say I think I’m going to really enjoy reading it.
The two Nightjar Press chap books I bought yesterday arrived too (see details of them on Caroline’s blog here). They look great. So all’s good. Now, I wonder when I’ll find the time to read them!
Not So Perfect’s definitely out in the real world now, which is exciting. The brilliant Jenn Ashworth has even provided evidence of this.
And lastly, for now, I voted. I like to do my bit. And, though you might have noticed I tend to keep politics away from here, I do feel that we could be on the edge of real change. I really bloody hope so and hope it’s change of the right kind. And by that I mean not Tory.

3 Comments on “What The Postman Brought and Other Stories

  1.  by  SueG

    The postman brought me a nice pressie today too — your new book! It looks great! I'll read as much of it as I can before we do our thing.

  2.  by  India Drummond

    Good for you for voting! I love to vote. I do wish I felt like our votes would do more, but we do what we can. 🙂

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