What Makes You Smile?

I was asked, earlier, if I’d mind mentioning The Science Museum’s latest project, Who Am I?, and, as I thought it was a really interesting project I agreed.

You can see all the details here, or on their Facebook page, and they’re on Twitter here.

So what do you need to do? Either leave a comment here, on my blog, or send them a tweet (@sciencemuseum – the hashtag is: #smwhoami) telling them what makes you smile, or, if you’d like, your earliest memory.

I’ll tell you what makes me smile: the smell of wood smoke.

Over to you!

3 Comments on “What Makes You Smile?

  1.  by  Francesca

    Hey Nik, here's 3 things that made me smile today:1. A train ticket inspector who waxed lyrical on the joys of warm weather in England when I told him I'm here for the summer.2. The smell of lavender.3. The taste of raspberries.

  2.  by  pinkgecko

    Okay, here's my three:1. The smell of Christmas: cinnamon, cloves, oranges and brandy.2. Sunshine through canvas (when camping).3. A real log fire on a snowy day.

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