What I’ve Been Doing (With Pictures)

Well, it’s been quite the busy few weeks here at Perring Towers. Things have been happening. Stuff has been done.

MOST exciting was receiving my copies of Freaks!. I have inspected it daily, and I can tell you that it is still VERY beautiful and I’m still impossibly proud of it. And I’m really looking forward to people reading it (and desperately hoping it’s liked!).


Last week saw the first person complete my online Flash Fiction course, and with superb results. I’m enjoying running this. It’s good. And if people are genuinely benefiting from it (which they certainly appear to be) then that’s even better. So, yes. Hooray.


Last Thursday, for World Book Day, I went over to Congleton Library (one of my favourites) to be a part of a panel discussing all things books. I listened, I talked, I read, and it was all great. A really positive evening. What, I think, struck me the most was the sheer appetite people have for stories – and that’s EXACTLY as I’d hoped it would be. It means that I’m right in loving what I do so much. (Big thanks to my fellow panel members and to Mike and Daniel for organising the event, and to Daniel for the pic.)


And I’ve been busy on the editing front too. I’m still busy with The Story Corrective stuff, and THRILLED to see the success that’s coming out of it. I was pleased too, to be involved with the editing side of Caroline Smailes’ ‘100 RPM’ collection – a collection of stories inspired by songs on youtube she’s putting together for the brilliant One in Four charity. And I can tell you, it’s looking GOOD.


And that’s about it, I reckon. Well, for now at least. Now, I write.

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