What I’ve Been Doing

First up – a big thank you to all who’ve popped their blog details into the previous post – I shall take a look at each and every one very soon (and if you’d like to pop yours in, go ahead – I’m all for spreading the word).


It’s been a busy few weeks for me, which is why I’ve not had all that much time for blogging of late. And what on earth have I been doing, you ask.


Editing mostly. I’ve had a lot on over at The Story Corrective, which is always nice and enjoyable, if not hard work and time consuming.


I’ve been writing again. Good stuff, too. Stuff I’m proud of (that isn’t Freaks!) and stuff I’m really looking forward to sharing. Soon, I hope.


I’ve been preparing interviews. One of which, with the brilliant Scott Pack/Steve Stack (awesome publisher, visionary, AND author) will go live here on Wednesday. It’s a belter, I promise. And involves offspring of said author reading an extract from said author’s latest book, WHILE UNICYCLING. I kid you not.


Caroline and I also got the copy edits back for Freaks!. Now, that’s the stage of the book publishing process that always makes me ridiculously nervous. It’s almost as bad as waiting to hear the decision of whether it’s going to be published or not, because that’s the part where people can turn round and tell you that your writing’s shite – and back it up with actual evidence. I was relieved to see that there was very little that needed changing. So, that means that either my writing’s not rubbish, or that they missed it. I am hoping for the former.


So, there you go. That’s what I’ve been doing. No rest for the wicked and all that. I shall see you all on Wednesday (I hope!), where there’ll be an interview about 21st Century Dodos, talk of chocolate, and a unicycling son. Who could possibly want to miss that?

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